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Eyewitness Misidentifications & Wrongful Convictions  

An eyewitness account is one of the most reliable methods of settling cases. However, there have been instances where innocent people are wrongfully convicted based on testimony presented against them by eyewitnesses.  It is therefore vital to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help scrutinize witness accounts and any other evidence brought against you.  Situations Where Misidentification Can Happen As mentioned earlier, eyewitness accounts aren’t always perfect. The ability of an eyewitness to recall events may be hampered by several factors such as forgetfulness and confusion. This is especially [...]

Miranda Rights Overview

If you are a fan of police dramas or law TV series, then you’ve probably heard the line, “You have to remain silent…,” playing out so many times. This phrase normally pops up when an officer arrests a suspect. These words are a tidbit of what we call, “Miranda Rights.” Unfortunately, most people do not understand what the Miranda laws are all about, considering that cop dramas never state the full rights. As a result, you might misconceive that you can walk scot-free in case a law enforcer does not [...]

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Police Interrogations FAQ

If you ever find yourself being questioned or interrogated by the police, you need to be aware of all your applicable rights. You also need to know what you should or shouldn’t disclose to them. This helps to avoid self-incrimination or violation of your rights, which is a common occurrence in most police investigations. In this writeup, a local Orange County criminal defense lawyer helps answer some frequently asked questions regarding police interrogations. Am I Required to Answer Questions if Randomly Stopped by A Police Officer? Police officers on duty [...]

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What Happens When You Get A DUI For The Second Time In California?

Driving under the influence is very serious and a criminally punishable offense. And while a first DUI offense will be treated as a misdemeanor, repeat offenses carry much higher penalties. Statistics show that about 27% of people arrested on DUI grounds in California are repeat offenders. As a result, there have been concerted efforts by state legislators and law enforcement agencies to curb and deter repeat offenses. One of the most effective deterrents is incremental penalties, which become harsher with subsequent DUI convictions. Hence, when you're charged with a second [...]

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Can You Get A DUI Even If You’re Not Driving?

When it comes to operating a vehicle while under the influence, it's not always just for driving while intoxicated-- you don't even have to be in your vehicle to get arrested. Lots of people find that out every year when they are arrested for a DUI charge in the state of California. Driving while under the influence is against the law. But what many people may be surprised to find out is that you don't always technically have to be in the driver's seat or even driving in California to [...]

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What is Drugged Driving?

All forms of intoxicated driving are against the law in California, whether a motorist is impaired from alcohol, marijuana, an illegal substance, over-the-counter, or legal prescription drug. Unlike the breathalyzer devices used to measure alcohol intoxication, there is no other suitable and convenient device that allows law enforcement officers test motorists who are highly suspected of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Due to these challenging circumstances, it makes it difficult to prove that a motorist is guilty of "drugged driving." When a police officer in California stops a [...]