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Can You Get A DUI Even If You’re Not Driving?

When it comes to operating a vehicle while under the influence, it's not always just for driving while intoxicated-- you don't even have to be in your vehicle to get arrested. Lots of people find that out every year when they are arrested for a DUI charge in the state of California. Driving while under the influence is against the law. But what many people may be surprised to find out is that you don't always technically have to be in the driver's seat or even driving in California to [...]

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What is Drugged Driving?

All forms of intoxicated driving are against the law in California, whether a motorist is impaired from alcohol, marijuana, an illegal substance, over-the-counter, or legal prescription drug. Unlike the breathalyzer devices used to measure alcohol intoxication, there is no other suitable and convenient device that allows law enforcement officers test motorists who are highly suspected of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Due to these challenging circumstances, it makes it difficult to prove that a motorist is guilty of "drugged driving." When a police officer in California stops a [...]

DUI Checkpoints

California police may not immediately pull over a motorist in traffic unless that police officer has "probable cause" to make the stop. Without good reason and probable cause, no traffic stop or arrest can legally be made - in most cases. However, sobriety checkpoints, or "DUI" checkpoints, are an exception to that rule. DUI checkpoints are legal in the state of California, and police departments in this state occasionally conduct checkpoints on selected holidays, weekends, and for large sports and music events. How do DUI checkpoints operate? "Notification" is the [...]

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How To Protect Yourself From a Violation of Your Probation

If you've currently found yourself facing a conviction as a result of a violation of your probation, we highly advise seeking the legal counsel of a probation violation attorney. Regardless of why you are serving a probation term, we do not believe you deserve this form of punishment due to a minor infraction as a result of an oversight or by accident. Your lawyer's number one priority and concern is to convince the judge not to force a severe repercussion for a simple fault in judgement. Possible Consequences for Violating [...]

Criminal Assault: Things You Should Know

Criminal assault is a form of crime defined by the Federal government and state legislatures. There are 3 primary forms of criminal assault that constitute a criminal offense, though the definition can vary from state to state. They are: assault, assault and battery, and aggravated assault. Criminal Assault Criminal assault is usually defined deliberate act that threatens or commits physical harm to an individual. This means that an an assault does not necessarily have to be an act of physical violence, but merely a threat. This could take on many [...]

Top 10 Things Not To Do If You’re Arrested

No one wants to get arrested, but it happens. People get arrested for different reasons. If you get arrested, you do not want to make dumb mistakes that could get you into more trouble or get you hurt. These include a lot of things, and we've summed up a few of them today. Read our list of the top 10 things that you should never do. Pay attention to the information because if you ever find yourself needing to know it, it will certainly come in useful. These are the [...]

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